Diane D. Scherr, COL, AN, RN, MS, FNP

ScherrTitle: Chief Nurse

Company: 28th Combat Support Hospital

Location: Fort Bragg, NC

Diane D. Scherr, COL, AN, RN, MS, FNP is the Chief Nurse at the 28th Combat Support Hospital, a proven leader in the health care industry, and renowned provider of quality health care services, patient care, medical services, and care for active duty and retired soldiers and their families. In her current capacity, Ms. Scherr ensures that all clinical operations of the hospital are in place, which includes her acknowledgement that all medical personnel are licensed, certified, trained and competent in their patient care duties for worldwide deployment. She sees patients on a weekly basis, reports to the laboratory, and oversees the in-patient nursing wards. Ms. Scherr also acts as a credentialed family nurse practitioner, and serves as a part of the U.S. Army Nurse Corps. Making the most of nearly 30 years in the nursing administration arena, Ms. Scherr strives for excellence in her every endeavor.

Scherr cert

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