Peggy D. Purchase

PurchaseTitle: Registered Nurse

Company: Plainview Hospital, North Shore-Long Island Jewish Health System

Location: Central Islip, NY

Ms. Purchase has been a nurse helping others for 44 years. Her caring attitude and helpful nature has been part of her make up all her life. She enjoys being able to make others feel better at a time when they are sick and sometimes afraid. For nearly half-a-century, Ms. Purchase has been building on a growing skill set, which enables her to assist people during their time of need. She is currently in charge of administering care for patients in the medical-surgical unit at a leading health care service provider.

Ms. Purchase was inspired to pursue her current career path by her parents, and a desire to serve others in her community. She feels that her passion for the nursing industry has separated her from others in her field, and she advises young nurses entering into the field to be sure that they genuinely love what they do before becoming involved in the nursing sector. She is active in her church and hopes to retire in the next few years to enjoy time with friends and family.

Purchase cert

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