Alice Steele

Alice SteeleTitle: 1) Nurse Anesthetist (Retired) 2) Volunteer

Company: 1) Clinch Valley Clinic 2) From the Heart

Location: Richlands, VA

Now retired, Alice Steele worked as a nurse anesthetist for 46 years. An impassioned expert in her field, she remained motivated by drawing on two life altering experiences: at the age of three, and again at the age of six, she was pronounced dead. Devoting her professional career to saving lives, she excelled at caring for patients, administering medication, and creating a safe environment for recovery from anesthesia in surgery. In her retirement, she is very involved with From the Heart, a community-based volunteer organization that provides hand-stitched items to improve the physical and emotional well-being of sick individuals.

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Alice Steele

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