Betty St. Clair

Betty St. ClairTitle: Administrator

Company: Creek’s End Personal Care Home

Location: Summerville, GA

SUMMERVILLE, GA, November 14, 2013, Betty St. Clair, RN, Administrator for Creek’s End Personal Care Home, has been recognized by Elite American Nurses for dedication, achievements and leadership in hospice services.

Ms. St. Clair established Creek’s End Personal Care Home in 2002 and has watched it gain a strong reputation for its health care services. Creek’s End Personal Care Home is an assisted living and hospice facility that provides hospice care for challenged adults. As the administrator, Ms. St. Clair is responsible for running and operating the home, taking care of four challenged adults, including feeding them, making hospice visits, washing and drying clothing, and dispensing medicine.

Ms. St. Clair has been involved in health care and nursing for the past 35 years. She got involved in the industry because of her own family’s experiences with health care issues. In order to take care of her family, Ms. St. Clair worked hard to achieve professional success. She attributes her success to her hard work and dedication.

Ms. St. Clair earned an associate degree in nursing at Floyd Junior College, which is now Georgia Highlands College.

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Betty St. Clair

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