Billie Hoffman Adams, RN

Billie Hoffman Adams, RNTitle: Registered Nurse

Company: Scott & White

Location: Temple, TX, United States

Billie Hoffman Adams is a Registered Nurse for Scott & White, a trusted nonprofit, multispecialty academic medical center offering comprehensive health care services throughout central Texas. With heightened strengths in geriatric nursing, dialysis and surgery aftercare, Ms. Adams makes the most of her versatile skill set, which encompasses proficiencies in federal and state regulations, MDS coordination, care plans, and cardiology. Ms. Adams currently works with elderly patients, provides surgery after care, conducts dialysis, and ensures MDS compliance to report totstate and federal Medicare and Medicaid programs. Ms. Adams has served as a registered nurse for more than 44 years. She was one of the first nurses to take care of patients after open heart surgery at Scott & White. She was also one of the first registered nurses in the dialysis unit, and she helped to initiate its setup. Ms. Adams lives by the golden rule “do onto others as you would have them do unto you.” She has learned from everyone above her in her field that made her a better nurse, from procedures, medication, to expectation of care. The families of patients even taught her ways to help her better understand the population she serves. She never thinks she has all the answers and enjoys learning from others. Integrity is also important to her, and she has never lied in her profession, even if it mean that she had to take a big hit, which she has taken huge hits on occasion.

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Billie Hoffman Adams, RN

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