Catherine Suchomski

Catherine SuchomskiTitle: Staff Registered Nurse

Company: Barnes-Jewish Hospital

Location: Pinckneyville, IL

Catherine J. Suchomski is a Staff Registered Nurse at Barnes-Jewish Hospital. With a sophisticated background in patient care, Ms. Suchomski is responsible for managing vascular and trauma units, consulting with patients on diabetes and wound care, assisting team members, and overseeing policy and procedure boards. She is also in charge of assessing patients’ conditions, reviewing medical records and making recommendations for appropriate care. Ms. Suchomski has worked in various specialties including vascular, hepatobiliary, trauma, kidney transplantation and dialysis. She was previously a dairy farmer. She also has a national home-based nursing consultation service. Inspired by the knowledge and experience she gained by caring for her father to pursue a nursing career, Ms. Suchomski has flourished in her chosen capacity by remaining goal-oriented and driven; she has also garnered a reputation among her colleagues and patients for her conscientious and thorough nature, and for her positive attitude. Ms. Suchomski remains current of trends and developments in nursing as a member of the National Association of Legal Nurse Consultants, and she also supports a number of worthy causes.

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Catherine Suchomski

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