Darlene P. Vogelmann, LPN

Darlene P. Vogelmann, LPNTitle: Nurse, Public Health Department

Company: Fairchild Air Force Base, Aerospace Medical Squadron

Location: Coeurd Alene, ID, United States

Darlene P. Vogelmann, LPN is a nurse serving the Public Health Department of the Fairchild Air Force Base, Aerospace Medical Squadron. Specializing in acute care, cardiac and emergency services, and physical and mental health assessments, Ms. Vogelmann expertly cares for 25 to 30 patients, acts as a first responder, and provides top of the line cardiac care and emergency services. She is also in charge of ensuring the readiness and health of the airmen of the U.S. She became involved in her profession because she developed an interest in the field while her son was ill with rheumatic fever. Upon reflecting on an illustrious career, she attributes her success to her self-sufficiency, desire to help people and her parents. She feels that she wouldn’t be where she is today without the support and love from her parents.

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Darlene P. Vogelmann, LPN

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