Deborah Hinton

Deborah HintonTitle: Head Nurse, Alzheimer’s Unit

Company: Birmingham Green

Location: Manassas, VA

Deborah Hinton is the Head Nurse of the Alzheimer’s Unit at Birmingham Green, a respected nursing home and foremost provider of compassionate health care in Manassas, Virginia. With a well-honed background in people management, Ms. Hinton manages 60 residents, oversees the facility’s staff, aides and two nurses, and prepares paperwork. She holds a wealth of experience, which includes more than 31 years in the nursing industry. She was also published in Advanced LPN magazine in 2009, the same year that she was recognized as runner-up for the LPN Award. Ms. Hinton has maintained a long-standing passion for working with and helping people, and her love for the field of nursing has given her countless opportunities to help members of the senior population to by offering them compassionate care.

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Deborah Hinton

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