Deborah Groda

Deborah GrodaTitle: Registered Nurse

Company: Compass Oncology NW Cancer Specialists

Location: Portland, OR, United States

Deborah Groda is a registered nurse for the chemotherapy department at Compass Oncology NW Cancer Specialists, a multispecialty medical practice that offers various forms of cancer treatment to patients. Ms. Groda has been honing her nursing skills for the past 28 years and has been with Compass Oncology NW Cancer Specialists for the past eight. Ms. Groda started her career in critical care nursing and worked in that specialty for 20 years before deciding she needed a less stressful concentration. She wanted to help patients suffering from cancer and learn more about oncology. As an RN with the company, Ms. Groda works with patients and provides them with the highest quality health care services. She attributes all the success she has experienced in her career to her commitment, loyalty, and passion for helping people. In the coming years, she would like to share her knowledge of the field by offering consulting services.

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Deborah Groda

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