Deborah Hinton

Deborah HintonTitle: Head Nurse, Alzheimer’s Unit

Company: Birmingham Green

Location: Manassas, VA

Deborah P. Hinton is Head Nurse of the Alzheimer’s Unit at Birmingham Green in Manassas, Virginia. The award-winning nurse is renowned for her talents and for her commitment to demonstrating an innate love for nursing in her role. She is currently responsible for managing 60 residents, overseeing staff, aides and two nurses, and preparing paperwork. Prompted by a long-standing interest in the field to pursue a nursing career, Ms. Hinton followed her dreams to help people to achieve optimal health and wellness, and she has since been able to do so by maintaining affiliations with such prominent organizations as her local Breast Cancer Association, Alzheimer’s Association, and the military Order of the Purple Heart, and Goodwill Industries International, Inc. Ever passionate about her work, she has been honored for her outstanding efforts; Ms. Hinton recently received the Licensed Practical Nurse of the Year Award. She attributes her success to her passion for her profession, and the support she receives from her mother, Evelyn, her husband, Barry, and her two sons, Phillip and Jeremy.

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Deborah Hinton

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