Dolly E. Cooper, Paramedic, RN, BSN

Dolly E. Cooper, Paramedic, RN, BSNTitle: Paramedic, Registered Nurse

Company: Chicago Fire Department

Location: Chicago, IL, United States

Dolly E. Cooper is a Paramedic and Registered Nurse serving the Chicago Fire Department. A strong background in paramedics and nursing enables Ms. Cooper to display her competencies in nurse consultation and day care that have been honed and finely tuned over the course of an illustrious 22-year career. After experiencing a natural progression of opportunities, Ms. Cooper has made the most of a versatile and sophisticated skill set after majoring in biology, contributing her proficiencies to a field in which she supports quality improvement within her community. Ms. Cooper received a Bachelor of Science in Nursing from Olivet Nazarene University, and earned an ALCS Certification. She is also an accredited preceptor.  In the near future, Ms. Cooper intends to earn a master’s degree in health care administration.

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Dolly E. Cooper, Paramedic, RN, BSN

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