Elaine Caso

Elaine CasoTitle: Nurse Educator

Company: Elmira College

Location: Elmira, NY

Elaine Caso, MS is a nurse educator who specializes in complementary health techniques instruction, therapeutic touch, Reiki, healing hands and pranic therapy. With more than 57 years of professional experience, Ms. Caso shines in her chosen capacity with Elmira College, as a teacher of nursing studies and anthropology and trainer of nurses on non-Western complementary health techniques. She also teaches smoking cessation and cardiac risk reduction techniques. Ms. Caso has garnered a reputation of merit among her professional peers for her drive and commitment to her field. She is a recipient of the 1990 Finger Lakes Area Nurse of Distinction Award, as granted by the New York State Senate. She also received the 1998 Rotary Four-Way Award, and she continues to strive for excellence in her every endeavor.

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Elaine Caso

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