Elizabeth Young

Elizabeth YoungTitle: Registered Nurse

Company: Life Care Centers of America

Location: Eugene, OR

Eugene, Oregon, December 28, 2010, Elizabeth Young, Registered Nurse for Life Care Centers of America, has been recognized by Elite American Nurses for dedication, achievements, and leadership in gerontology.

Ms. Young has 35 years of dedication in the field of nursing, which has factored greatly to the level of success she has attained. For the last two years, she has served as a registered nurse for Life Care Centers of America, an assisted living environment which provides quality nursing care. The facility is within minutes of two hospitals, several doctors’ offices and pharmacies to provide the best in senior health care; likewise, Ms. Young has upheld the reputation of the center by infusing her own dedication into her daily functions. A team player, she is responsible for checking pertinent orders and assessing wounds in order to develop an appropriate care plan for each patient. Moreover, the high standards of care that she maintains have led to her comprehensive handling of dietary issues and discharges.

An award-winning nurse, Ms. Young earned two Employee of the Month awards from the Life Care Centers of America and Interim HealthCare, Inc. Moreover, her passion for her profession and desire to care for others is the impetus behind her successes. She tells others emerging in the field of nursing to “Become a nurse because you want to make a difference. Have patience and be compassionate.”

To coincide with the demands of adult care, Ms. Young holds a diploma in wound care and diabetes. She also has refined an expertise in gerontology, which is the study of the social, psychological and biological aspects of aging. By keeping abreast of geriatrics, the branch of medicine that studies the diseases of the elderly, Ms. Young has been able to showcase an all-encompassing grasp of the vulnerable nature of her work. Being able to improve her patients’ quality of life is the most rewarding aspect of Ms. Young’s career; thus, she makes it her priority every day.

When she is away from her professional duties, Ms. Young volunteers for initiatives with her local church. Likewise, she finds solace in completing crosswords puzzles and knitting.

For more information about Ms. Young, please visit http://www.elizabethayoung.com.

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Elizabeth Young

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