Modupeola Esther Okeowo, BSN

Modupeola Esther Okeowo, BSNTitle: Registered Nurse

Company: Richard L. Roudebush VAMC, Indianapolis, Indiana

Location: Indianapolis, IN, United States

Modupeola Esther Okeowo, BSN is a Registered Nurse with the Richard L. Roudebush VAMC of Indianapolis, Indiana. Specializing in complicated trauma nursing, Ms. Okeowo responds quickly and efficiently to a variety of different types of trauma injuries in patients of various ages and backgrounds, and evaluates, assesses and stabilizes patients in the quickest time with minimal amount of information. She also keeps calm and manages crises, performs her duties in a professional manner, and handles complex trauma cases. Ms. Okeowo is also the district head for a youth group and is in charge of Maryland, District of Columbia and New Jersey.  Ms. Okeowo remains abreast of trends and developments in her field as a member of The National Society of Collegiate Scholars. She attributes her success to her disciplined nature and her mother, who constantly inspires her to always strive to achieve more.

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Modupeola Esther Okeowo, BSN

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