Helen Chigaros

Helen ChigarosTitle: 1) Co-Founding Parish Nurse 2) Clinic Director

Company: 1) Parish Nurse Network of the Kankakee River Valley 2) Azzarelli Outreach Clinic

Location: Kankakee, IL, United States

Helen M. Chigaros is a Co-Founding Parish Nurse of the Parish Nurse Network of the Kankakee River Valley, and a Clinic Director of the Azzarelli Outreach medical clinic. As founder of a premier nonprofit organization, Ms. Chigaros supports its endeavors to provide services for the community and other parish nurses, and as director of the clinic, she supports initiatives that give uninsured or under-insured people the health care services that they need. She became involved in her profession because of her desire to help the community, and when she graduated high school, she was influenced by the many women who were pursuing teaching and nursing careers. She takes a group of nurses to England on an annual basis to see the roots of Florence Nightingale and how the English health care system functions. She attributes her success to her Christian-based faith, patience, love for her profession and desire to help people. For her exceptional efforts, Ms. Chigaros was chosen as an Outstanding Professional of the Year, and she has dedicated more than 43 years of her life to the health care industry. Ms. Chigaros is a co-author of two nursing workbooks.

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Helen Chigaros

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