Hilary E. Robotham-Ford

Hilary E. Robotham-FordTitle: Staff Nurse

Company: Ann Storck Center, Inc

Location: Pembroke Pines, FL, United States

Hilary E. Robotham-Ford is a Staff Nurse for Ann Storck Center, Inc., a premier non-profit human service organization. With a refined background in orthopedics, Ms. Ford expertly works with mentally and physically challenged individuals. In her current capacity, Ms. Ford is also tasked with drawing blood, overseeing and managing staff nurse duties, and offering private duty nursing care. Ms. Ford gave up her first born son who died of congenital heart problems for research to help other families. She has been an advocate for one of the residents at Ann Storck for two years. She has worked at Lacona Nursing Center for 12 years. She also donates to the Broward Outreach Center, the local fire department to help the youth in the community and to breakthrough ministries to help Sudanese people in Africa. Ms. Ford was selected as a Cambridge Outstanding Nurse of the Year, and named a VIP member of the organization for two years in a row.

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Hilary E. Robotham-Ford

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