Irwin J. Sheiner, RN, BS, CCEMTP, PNCCT, EMT-B

Irwin J. Sheiner, RN, BS, CCEMTP, PNCCT, EMT-BTitle: Registered Nurse, Owner

Company: JSI Consultants

Location: Whiting, NJ, United States

WHITING, NJ, August 2, 2012, Irwin J. Sheiner, Registered Nurse and Owner of JSI Consultants, has been recognized by Elite American Nurses for dedication, achievements, and leadership in ground critical care ambulance transport.

Mr. Sheiner has developed a versatile and expansive skill set over the course of a triumphant career that has spanned more than 34 years. Lauded as an expert on emergency room nursing, and an authority on critical care transport services, and pediatric, trauma and neurological intensive care, Mr. Sheiner excels as a star player in his field, bringing forth not only a winning spirit but a wealth of knowledge and experience to a role that calls for him to care for others. Using a clear and succinct motto: “Safety, safety, safety—for the patient, myself, and others assisting me,” Mr. Sheiner applies prudence and diligence in a position where he is primarily responsible for consulting and working for health care businesses and ambulance services, and re-evaluating programs.

Over the years, Mr. Sheiner has built on vast and growing talents which enable him to help people in their time of need. He earned a Bachelor of Science in Management and Accounting from Ithaca College, and a Master’s Degree in Accounting from Fairleigh Dickinson University. He became a Registered Nurse from the Englewood School of Nursing, and earned accreditation as a Certified Medical Laboratory Technician from Bergen Community College. He also earned a National Certification in Critical Care Transport from Kellogg Community College and a National Certification in Pediatric and Neonatal Critical Care Transport from the University of Maryland at Baltimore. Mr. Sheiner is a Basic-Level Registered Emergency Medical Technician, a Certified Chemotherapy Nurse, and a Certified Phlebotomist through the American Society of Clinical Pathologists, and a Certified Noninvasive Cardiovascular Technician. He is also a Certified Critical Care Specialist, and a Certified CPR Instructor, and he holds a Certification in Advanced Cardiac Life Support, a Certification in Pediatric Advanced Life Support, a Certification in Neonatal Resuscitation, and a Certification in Medical-Surgical Nursing, as acquired from the American Nurses Credentialing Center. Other accreditations include a Certification in Intravenous Therapy, a Certification in Electrocardiograms, a Certification in Pediatric Dysrhythmia, a Certification in Trauma Nursing, a Certification in Advanced Trauma Nursing, a Certification in Advanced Trauma Life Support, a Certification in Advanced Burn Life Support, and a Certification in Pre-Hospital Trauma Life Support. In addition, Mr. Sheiner holds a Certification in Basic Trauma Life Support, a Certification in Pediatric Education, a Certification in Transport Nurse Advanced Trauma, a Certification in Critical Care Emergency Medical Transport, a Certification in Pediatric and Neonatal Critical Care Transport, a Certification in Mobile Intensive Care, a Certification in Emergency Nursing Pediatric Coursework, a Certification in Datascope Intra-Aortic Balloon Pump Course, a  Certification in Multi-lead Medics Course, and he coached an Emergency Vehicle Operator II: Ambulance through the National Safety Council.

Mr. Sheiner was named a Cambridge Who’s Who Professional of the Year in Ground Critical Care Ambulance Support in 2008, and he continues to strive for excellence in his every endeavor. In addition to this accomplishment, Mr. Sheiner received an American Medal of Honor from the American Biographical Institute. He pinpoints his education, strong leadership skills, and dedication to his work as major elements that have led him down the road to success in his field. He looks forward to delving into new arenas in the years to come, and discovering new ways to ensure patient safety; in the near future, he intends to become an air ambulance critical care nurse. His clear and concise manner is a trait that those around him have come to appreciate, as his heightened skills and compassionate care are qualities with which to be reckoned. “My peers often say that although they may not always like the way I come across, they would all want me to be their own nurse; they know they’d be OK on my shift,” he says.

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Irwin J. Sheiner, RN, BS, CCEMTP, PNCCT, EMT-B

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