Katherine Perry RN

Katherine Perry RNTitle: Registered Nurse

Company: Retired

Location: Bradenton, FL

BRADENTON, FLORIDA | OCTOBER 21, 2010 |After a 21 year career as a registered nurse, holding positions in every field within nursing from pediatrics to critical care, Katherine Perry, RN, chose to retire and in 1986 moved to Bradenton, Florida from Utica, New York. Always the avid care giver, she still consults on life issues to those who are less spiritually fortunate and volunteers at Happy Gospel Church in Bradenton, Florida.

With the instilled value of education from her mother, Mrs. Perry ventured into the nursing field because of her ability to advise people in need. Before her retirement, Mrs. Perry assisted others in achieving personal goals, oversaw the distribution of medication, and managed operations in the absence of the head nurse. An alumnus of the University of Chicago, she earned her Associate’s Degree in Business Management and Accounting. Always respectful of others, Mrs. Perry still treats everyone she meets as an equal. For others who want to enter the nursing field or look to continue their success as a nurse, Mrs. Perry offers a bit of advice; “if you have a dream stick to it, don’t give up. If you have a dream, pursue it.”

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Katherine Perry RN

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