Kathy Sterner

Kathy SternerTitle: Family Nurse Practitioner

Company: Roswell Regional Family Care

Location: Anchorage, AK

Katherine L. Sterner, RN, MSN, FNP is a Family Nurse Practitioner with the Roswell Regional Family Care center. With a strong background in family health care, Ms. Sterner is currently responsible for managing family health care initiatives, which range from pediatrics to geriatrics, and educating patients on diabetes and hypertension. Originally from Anchorage, Alaska, Ms. Sterner is currently working with the Roswell Family Care Clinic in Roswell, New Mexico. She is lending her expertise to the clinic in Roswell to support the facility’s initiatives and to escape the winter weather in Alaska; she will be returning to Alaska in April of 2012.

Ms. Sterner has amassed a wealth of experience over the course of an illustrious career, and in having garnered a reputation of distinction, she feels that sheer tenacity separates her from her peers. She earned an Associate Degree in Nursing from Grand Rapids Community College, and a Bachelor of Science in Nursing from the University of Michigan. Additionally, Ms. Sterner received accreditation as a Nurse Practitioner from the University of Kentucky at Lexington in 1992, and became credentialed in 1993. She holds a Master of Science in Nursing, which she also attained from the University of Kentucky at Lexington, and she completed coursework in the Acute Care Nurse Practitioner Program at Loyola University Chicago.

Attributing her success to her hard work and good fortune, Ms. Sterner remains abreast of industry trends and developments as a member of the Alaska Nurse Practitioner Association and the National Nurse Practitioner Association. When necessary, Ms. Sterner can serve in dual capacities, either as a primary or secondary health care professional, in efforts to provide members of her community with health and wellness support. Her most recent job in Alaska was in a remote fishing village of 900 inhabitants that grows to 10,000 people during the height of the fishing season. Ms. Sterner is also a Retired Lt. Col. from the Air Force Nurse Corps with more than 22 years of military experience. She will continue to work as a Nurse Practitioner either in Anchorage or in bush Alaska where challenges abound.

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Kathy Sterner

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