Kay Nielson

Kay NielsonTitle: Nurse, Primary Children’s Medical Center, Chevron Kemmerer Mine

Company: Vice President, Bill Nielson Trucking, Inc.

Location: Kemmerer, WY

Kemmerer, Wyoming | December 3, 2010 | Kay Nielson, RN, CPN, CNRN, Nurse at Primary Children’s Medical Center and Chevron Kemmerer Mine, has been recognized by Elite American Nurses for demonstrating dedication, leadership, and excellence in all aspects of nursing.

An expert in pediatric neuroscience nursing, Ms. Nielson has spent the last nine years working for the Primary Children’s Medical Center and Chevron Kemmerer Mine. In her current capacity, she is responsible for overseeing patient care, managing staff development programs, and educating patients and their families on what to expect during treatment. By drawing on her previous experience as an emergency medical technician, Ms. Nielson has been able to infuse her variety of medical aptitudes into every facet of nursing.

In addition to her work as a nurse, Ms. Nielson is the vice president of Bill Nielson Trucking, Inc., a trucking company that provides regional oilfield hauling throughout Kemmerer, Wyoming. By employing her entrepreneurial intuition, she has been able to manage the business aspect of the company with regard to finance and operations. Working hand-in-hand with her husband has led the company to achieve a cornucopia of success in the industry.

Ms. Nielson graduated from Weber State University in 2001 with her registered nurse accreditation and earned an associate degree in pre-medical studies from Dixie Studies in 1990. To further catapult her capacity as a health care professional, she pursued and completed the requirements to become a certified neuroscience registered nurse and pediatric nurse.

Attributing her success to her tenacity, Ms. Nielson strives to constantly keep learning. Likewise, she maintains affiliation with the American Association of Neuroscience Nurses. Keeping abreast of industry changes is an important factor in Ms. Nielson’s success because for her, the greatest joy of her position is working with children and watching as they recover. In the future, she intends to continue her education.

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Kay Nielson

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