Kimberly Cangro

Kimberly CangroTitle: Registered Nurse

Company: United Hospice of Rockland

Location: New City, NY, United States

Kimberly M. Cangro, RN, CHPN is a Registered Nurse for the United Hospice of Rockland, a hospice care center that provides hope, comfort and improved quality of life to individuals and their families facing serious illness. Ever determined to champion the goals of the hospice center and make a difference in the lives of patients through good bedside manner and medical care, Ms. Cangro provides support to those with whom she works on a regular basis, offering to them positive reassurance and an optimistic point of view. She specializes in the areas of hospice care and pain management, and in her current capacity, she oversees pain and symptom management for 12 to 15 patients a week, as well as anxiety and crisis management for patients and their families.

In addition to her hospice care and pain management responsibilities, Ms. Cangro cares for patients in the cardiac care unit and provides assistance for the mentally disabled. She has garnered a reputation of distinction among her patients and colleagues for her compassionate care, kindness and emotional supportive nature, as her vast knowledge of the field allows her to treat people with dignity and offer them the help and encouragement that she feels they deserve. Ms. Cangro is committed to giving patients total, unreserved and unconditional care.

Ms. Cangro earned an Associate Degree in Nursing from SUNY Rockland Community College, and she also gained accreditation as a Certified Hospice and Palliative Care Nurse. She remains abreast of trends and developments in her field as a member of the National hospice and Palliative Care Organization. She also supports such worthy causes as the American Red Cross in her spare time. Ms. Cangro has amassed nearly 15 years of professional experience, and she continues to strive for excellence in her every endeavor.

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Kimberly Cangro

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