Linda Chetley, RN, RAC-CT

Linda Chetley, RN, RAC-CTTitle: Minimum Data Set Coordinator, RN, RAC-CT

Company: Gorham House-Continuum Healthcare

Location: Gorham, ME, United States

Linda Chetley, RN, RAC-CT is a Minimum Data Set Coordinator at Gorham House-Continuum Healthcare, a comprehensive living center. An expert in minimum data set processing, Ms. Chetley adeptly oversees the MDS accuracy and timeliness for completing the MDS process, which goes to the government for billing and data to identify quality of care. She fills in as a charge nurse when needed, and handles patient assessment, as well. Ms. Chetley was inspired to pursue her current career path by a long standing desire to both care for and teach people to care for themselves, and working in the medical profession presents the opportunity for her to do so. The highlights of her career were receiving her MDS Training Certification and the National Award for MDS Coordinators on March 9, 2007.

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Linda Chetley, RN, RAC-CT

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