Marcia Goodman

Marcia GoodmanTitle: Medical Resident

Company: Knox Cardiology Practice

Location: Hartford, CT

Hartford, Connecticut, December 8, 2010, Marcia Goodman, Medical Resident, Knox Cardiology Practice, has been recognized by Elite American Nurses for dedication, achievements, and leadership in cardiology. An award-winning nurse, Dr. Goodman has spent the last 47 years honing her expertise in cardiology and nursing for the betterment of those under her care. Her patience, passion and dedication to her field have earned her copious responsibilities in the health care industry, including her role as a laboratory technician for Social Security and Medicare programs. At the Knox Cardiology Practice in Hartford, Connecticut, Dr. Goodman has employed her longstanding mantra that “if at first you don’t succeed, you must persevere.” A true believer that there is no obstacle too large to overcome, she has proven her capacities to work beyond what is expected by showcasing her specialty in registered nursing in the West Indies and Bermuda. Dr. Goodman earned a Ph.D. from Yale University in 2006, where she is currently pursuing an MD in cardiology. She is recognized as a representative of the Oklahoma chapter of the Order of the Amaranth, Inc., and a former representative of the New South Wales chapter of the same organization. An affiliate of the American Diabetes Association, Dr. Goodman’s benevolence radiates through her voluntary initiatives in her community. Every year, she donates toys to children with cancer around Christmastime and lends her support to the National Wildlife Federation, ASPCA, Order of the White Shrine of Jerusalem, the Order of the Eastern Star, and the American Red Cross. In addition to her nursing experience, Dr. Goodman’s passion for theater has shaped her persevering and dedicated temperament. Prior to her health care tenure, she served as an assistant director of a Broadway production, entitled “The Championship Season.” Likewise, she worked on the soap opera, “Another World,” appeared in a production of “The Taming of the Shrew,” and managed a community theater. The experience she gathered has catapulted her desire to give every project her all; thus, she infuses passion to her work, cares for her patients on a personal level, and encourages others by saying “do what you love and you will be successful.” For more information about Marcia Goodman, please visit her website at

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