Nancy Boyle

Nancy BoyleTitle: Nurse Manager

Company: Indiana University

Location: Indianapolis, IN

Indianapolis, IN, May 13, 2011, Nancy Boyle, Nurse Manager at Indiana University, has been recognized by Elite American Nurses for dedication, achievements and leadership in health care management.

Ever since she was 7 years old, Ms. Boyle dreamed of becoming a nurse. She worked hard through her undergraduate years at Southern Illinois University where she graduated with a Bachelor of Science in 1973; she became a registered nurse the same year. In 1990, she followed her interest in transplantation and earned a certified clinical transplant coordinator designation from NATCO, The Organization of Transplant Professionals.

Ms. Boyle is thankful for the mentors she had along the way who taught her diplomacy, tact and administrative skills. Combined with her drive and integrity, she developed a strong sense of leadership which she uses to empower individuals. During her time at the Johns Hopkins Hospital, she demonstrated these qualities as a clinical transplant nurse manager. Using her style of leadership, Ms. Boyle directed and inspired nine nursing assistants from inner-city Baltimore to pursue college. She was touched that her motivation compelled them to pursue something they initially thought they could not accomplish. Furthermore, she was recognized with the Dorothy Evans Lynne Award for collaborative nursing research from the John Hopkins School of Nursing and the Isabel Hampton Rabb Society and Legacy Circle, which came as a total, but much deserved, surprise to her.

Now in her 38th year in nursing, Ms. Boyle is in the midst of an employment change. She is very exciting to soon be working for the Indiana Veterans’ Home. She understands the importance of maintaining an interest in nursing by challenging herself with new positions.

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Nancy Boyle

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