Nancy Orrell

Nancy OrrellTitle: Restorative Nursing Director

Company: Department of Nursing, Golden Oaks Nursing & Rehabilitation Center

Location: Saint Clair, MI

Nancy J. Orrell, RN is the Restorative Nursing Director of the Department of Nursing at the Golden Oaks Nursing & Rehabilitation Center. In her efforts to support the center’s rehabilitation services, which include skilled nursing, adult day care, dental services, mental wellness, hospice, restorative nursing and long-term care, she oversees all functions of the nursing department. Her supervisory duties include the oversight of infection control, quality improvement, quality assurance, discipline and discharge of state. She also observes skin care professionals and medical decision support systems, cares for residents, trains professional and nonprofessional staff members, and interviews and hires new employees. She also lectures to local organizations. With more than 47 years of professional experience in the field of nursing, Ms. Orrell shines in the areas of long-term care consultation and residential care coordination, after having spent 32 years honing a skill set in the specific spheres. She became involved in her profession because she really loves helping people.

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Nancy Orrell

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