Naomi M. Salamon, BSN, CPHQ, RN

Naomi M. Salamon, BSN, CPHQ, RNTitle: Director of Nursing

Company: ODA Primary Health Care Network

Location: Manhasset, NY, United States

Naomi M. Salamon, BSN, CPHQ, RN is the Director of Nursing for the ODA Primary Health Care Network. With a refined background in quality management, Ms. Salamon expertly facilitates operations for the health care network in her current capacity as director of the nursing unit. She has spent nearly four decades nurturing a growing skill set and now shines as a luminary in her field after having garnered a reputation of distinction as an expert in the field of quality and Medicare reimbursement. Ms. Salamon earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Nursing from the Chamberlain School of Nursing, and she also received accreditation as a Certified Professional in Health Care Quality. She feels that she has been able to thrive professionally because she has remained committed to receiving continued education through the hospital.

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Naomi M. Salamon, BSN, CPHQ, RN

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