Rebecca Dziuk

Rebecca DziukTitle: Registered Nurse, Hospice Director

Company: Goodwin Hospice

Location: Richardson, TX

RICHARDSON, TX, December 13, 2011, Rebecca Dziuk, RN, BSN, Registered Nurse and Hospice Director of Goodwin Hospice, has been recognized by Elite American Nurses for dedication, achievements, and leadership in hospice care.

For more than 20 years, Ms. Dziuk has served diligently in her role as a hospice caregiver. She has been a hospice nurse for two decades, and she is profoundly compassionate and considerate toward end-of-life issues, and about making sure that terminally ill patients receive the quality care that they deserve in order to ensure that their last moments are as comfortable as possible. She makes every effort to ensure that patients’ pain is managed and that they reserve a quality of life and dignity in the closing stages of their lives. In her efforts as a hospice nurse, Ms. Dziuk has been selected among the Great 100 Nurses of Dallas/Fort Worth.

Ms. Dziuk is currently in charge of managing and supervising all members of the interdisciplinary team, training and hiring new staff members, and ensuring the compliance of state and federal regulations is maintained. She is also responsible for overseeing quality improvement and the financial budget, communicating with and educating staff members, patients and their families, negotiating contracts, and consulting with new hospices on policies, procedures and marketing initiatives. A wealth of experience and a strong knowledge of her field allows Ms. Dziuk to effectively initiate new agencies, restore existing agencies, and encourage hospice employees to put forth their best effort at all time. Moreover, Ms. Dziuk establishes a positive work environment, and obtains and executes nursing home, hospital, pharmacy and durable medical equipment contracts with the help of a sales team, and interfaces with attorneys.

A strong passion for her work has given Ms. Dziuk countless opportunities to enrich the lives of others. She received a $10,000 bonus for admitting 1,000 patients in three years. She wants to convey her gratitude to all hospice workers for the challenging work they do each day to enhance the lives of patients. Ms. Dzuik is writing a book entitled, “Memoirs of a Hospice Nurse” to illuminate her experiences with her patients. She has taken multiple continuing education courses to stay current in her field. She remains abreast of trends and developments in her field and is committed to learning and growing as a hospice nurse specializing in pain, symptom and team management, as well as in family dynamics and hospice care.

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Rebecca Dziuk

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