Rosemarie Fonti, CNA

Rosemarie Fonti, CNATitle: Retired

Company: VA Hudson Valley Health Care System

Location: Montrose, CA, United States

MONTROSE, NY, January 11, 2013, Rosemarie Fonti, former CNA with the VA Hudson Valley Health Care System, has been recognized by Elite American Nurses for dedication, achievements, and leadership in health care.

Ms. Fonti has amassed more than four decades of professional experience, which encompasses the 26 years that she has spent serving as a nurse working the overnight shift in the nursing care unit, doing for patients what they are unable to do for themselves. When working with patients, Ms. Fonti takes their vitals, feeds, cleans and changes their clothing, and keeps them clean and dry. Ms. Fonti’s mother was a nurse, and she became inspired to follow in her footsteps while attending high school, when she began working in this capacity. She later worked in the nursing field after spending a period of time in the beauty and cosmetology field.

Ms. Fonti has garnered a reputation of distinction for making the patients feel good about receiving care from her, because she displays compassion and tenderness. She is presently a member and volunteer usher at St. Patrick’s Church. She also supports a number of worthy causes through her church in her spare time. Additionally, Ms. Fonti is the former President and Vice President of the Lady of Mount Carmel Ladies Auxiliary, and a member and secretary of the Verplanck Citizen’s Club. In addition to her work responsibilities, Ms. Fonti also takes care of her brother, who has been an amputee for the past five years. Through her selflessness and altruism, she hopes to serve as a powerful example to everyone.

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Rosemarie Fonti, CNA

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