Selamawit Kifleyesus

Selamawit  KifleyesusTitle: Registered Nurse

Company: Saint Joseph’s Hospital

Location: Saint Paul, MN

Selamawit Kifleyesus, RN, NP is a Registered Nurse with Saint Joseph’s Hospital. Specializing in communications allows Ms. Kifleyesus to render top of the line compassionate care to patients in a relaxed and secure setting, and help patients to feel at home, and at ease. In her current capacity, she coordinates with doctors and the families of patients, checks medications, and updates patients’ statuses; she also oversees the surgical teams and staff nurses. Ms. Kifleyesus attributes her success to her parents’ values, and the appreciation she maintained for her education. She became involved in her profession because she wanted to help Sudanese refugees. Ever passionate about helping others, she remains abreast of industry trends and developments as a member of the Minnesota Nurses Association and Sigma Theta Tau International.

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Selamawit  Kifleyesus

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