Terrell Clima

Terrell ClimaTitle: Registered Nurse, Teacher, Chief Executive Officer

Company: TLC Nursing Continuing Education Units

Location: San Francisco, CA

Looking back on a 28-year career in nursing, Ms. Clima is proud to have progressed from her beginning as a nursing assistant to becoming the chief executive officer of TLC Nursing Continuing Education Units. In her current position, she directs the operations of the nursing school while developing state-approved programs. Ms. Clima holds a Bachelor of Science in vocational education from the California State University, at Long Beach. She spends her free time as a motivational speaker on radio and television talk shows. Additionally, Ms. Clima is the author of two books: “From the Inside Out” and “Don’t Pull that Plug.”

For more information on TLC Nursing Continuing Education Units, please visit http://www.tlcnursingceus.com

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Terrell Clima

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