Colleen Washburn

Colleen WashburnTitle: Post-Anesthesia Care Unit Registered Nurse (Retired)

Company: Orange Regional Medical Center

Location: Goshen, NY

Colleen Washburn is a distinguished individual who dedicated 45 years of service to the health care field. She served as a registered nurse and was known for her expertise in recovery room operations. Ms. Washburn spent the majority of her career working for Orange Regional Medical Center where she last served as a post-anesthesia car unit registered nurse before retiring. In that role, Ms. Washburn assisted with same-day surgeries, rendered critical care, cared for patients in recovery rooms, and served as a core person and charge nurse. She took great pride in her work and thoroughly enjoyed watching her patients improve under her care. For her exceptional work, she was honored with the Shining Star Award and named Outstanding Professional of the Year. Throughout the duration of her career as a nurse, Ms. Washburn was greatly inspired by her husband and nursing director. Their support and help allowed her to grow professionally and excel in her roles. Ms. Washburn deeply believes that nurses play a critical role in helping patients recover from their medical ailments and advises those who aspire to pursue careers in the nursing field to put themselves in their patients’ shoes.

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Colleen Washburn

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