Suzi Provenche

Suzi Provenche 1672925Title: Registered Nurse, Skin Care Specialist

Company: Clinical Solutions Skin Care

Location: Scottsdale, AZ

Scottsdale, AZ, August 14, 2014, Suzi Provenche, Registered Nurse and Skin Care Specialist for Clinical Solutions Skin Care, has been recognized by Elite American Nurses for dedication, achievements and leadership in skin care.

Ms. Provenche has more than 30 of industry experience, with a background in cosmetic surgery and microcurrents. She worked with a cosmetic surgeon for many years, as a surgical nurse, and once the doctor she worked with retired, she developed her own line of products. Ms. Provenche is the developer and manufacturer of the successful skin product Joelle Martine Healthy Skin.

Ms. Provenche specializes in combination of treatment methods, such as I.P.L. photo facial, chemical peel, and custom facials, and handles a myriad of responsibilities to ensure the company is successful. She works with her clients on an individual basis planning their skin care treatments, and identifies various issues and concerns. Ms. Provenche takes great pride in her work and in providing clients with the highest quality products. She attributes her success to her ability to connect with clients, her passion and her perseverance. In the coming years, Ms. Provenche intends to experience the growth of her business and product line, and train others in microcurrents.

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Suzi Provenche

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