Gina Daffin

Title: Staff Nurse

Company: The Institute of Psychiatry/MUSC

Location: Charleston, S.C.

Gina L. Daffin is a dedicated and compassionate health care professional who has garnered 37 years of industry experience. For the past four years, Ms. Daffin has lent her expertise to The Institute of Psychiatry/MUSC where she works with patients with mental illnesses. Ms. Daffin always had a desire to enter the medical field and is extremely proud of how her career panned out. She has extensive experience working in orthopedic nursing and in delivering high-quality patient care. A certified operating room nurse, Ms. Daffin attributes her success to her perseverance. Looking toward the future, Ms. Daffin hopes to continue her education and grow in the field of nursing.

Contact Gina Daffin

Gina L. Daffin

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