Melinda Grant, MSN, RN

Melinda GrantTitle: Registered Nurse

Company: Orange Regional Medical Center

Location: New York, NY

Melinda Grant began her career as a nursing assistant in a psychiatric facility. When Ms. Grant saw the work that nurses were doing, she decided to pursue a degree in nursing. Ms. Grant has 22 years of professional experience and has been in the critical care unit at Orange Regional Medical Center since 1999. An expert communicator who excels at building relationships with patients, Ms. Grant is responsible for caring for patients on respirators and mechanical ventilators, as well as surgical patients. Ms. Grant, who is eager to pass on her knowledge to others, was also recognized by Orange County Community College for working with students in internships. She also has served an adjunct clinical instructor at Mount St. Mary’s for more than three years. Ms. Grant attributes her success to her faith in God, as well as her desire to prove people wrong who said that she did not have a future as a teen mother. Moving forward, Ms. Grant will consider pursuing a doctorate. She also hopes to grow as a public speaker.

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Melinda Grant

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