Emilia Garcia Cruz

Title: Registered Nurse, Charge and Staff Nurse

Company: Central Texas Medical Center

Location: San Marcos, TX

Emilia Garcia Cruz is an established health care professional who has garnered nearly 20 years of experience. She currently lends her skills and knowledge to Central Texas Medical Center where she serves as a registered, charge and staff nurse. An expert in cardiovascular telemetry, Ms. Cruz is responsible for conducting assessments, evaluating, implementing and planning patient-centered care, assigning duties to all team members, and providing top-quality patient care. Ms. Cruz takes great pride in her work and ensures she always puts the patients’ needs first. She believes she has been able to excel in the field of nursing because she is truly passionate about the hard work and commitment that goes into her profession. Moving forward, Ms. Cruz hopes to obtain her Bachelor of Science in nursing and possibly teach. While she dedicated a lot of time to her job, Ms. Cruz spends her spare time participating in triathlons and cycling events, which contribute funds raised to organizations dedicated to finding a cure for illnesses such as breast cancer and multiple sclerosis.

Contact Emilia Garcia Cruz

Emilia Garcia Cruz

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