Peter A. Fair, RN, Ph.D.

Fair, Peter 1084018Title: 1) President 2) Instructor

Company: 1) A and O Medical Consultants
2) Academy for Nursing and Health Occupations

Location: Royal Palm Beach, FL

Royal Palm Beach, FL, October 15, 2015, For four decades, Dr. Fair has demonstrated an all-encompassing knowledge and understanding of the medical field. Now in two education roles, as a consultant and instructor, he works with nursing students on health care principles while also offering medical consultation services to health care professionals looking to sharpen their skills and develop their knowledge in other disciplines of the field. His longevity in the field gives Dr. Fair a unique advantage over others in the industry and has helped him to meet with tremendous success in his career.  In recognition of his precise knowledge and insights based on direct experience, Dr. Fair earned the title of Professional of the Year in Medical Consultation. Looking ahead, he plans to continue instructing nursing students to help set them up for success as they enter their careers.

Contact Dr. Peter A. Fair

Fair, Peter 1084018

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